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Mamarocket is the Movement for excellence in independent Italian design. Independent design means design that is absolutely free to express itself, independent of large-scale production and distribution models, free from the dictates of industrial manufacturing. Excellence means the selected designs feature high-level, quality, creative and communicative value.

There are many limited edition products, capsule collections, and one-off pieces, designed and made in Italy, taking advantage of the small-scale (great) artisanal skills found up and down the "boot." There are also a great many talented designers who work with major brands and have also started lines of experimental products that explore the border between design and art, often stretching its limits. Plus, there are young designers who have designed micro-collections worthy of attention from an audience that understands and appreciates experimentation.


Madeinitaly Rocks is the magazine of the Movement for those who love fine, special things that are hard to come by and made with love. And for those who love all that is beautiful and well made.

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