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Alessandra Botto - Imagination and creativity

Alessandra Botto  
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  La Spezia

Imagination and creativity. All born of inspiration

Everything is based on inspiration; followed by thorough research, studying the project context, variables and potential. But to find her right road, Alessandra realised she had to be distracted, do what gratified her most: cooking, swimming, taking things apart, serigraphy in the kitchen, inventing a lamp using octopus netting. "Perhaps because concentrating on just one thing scares me? And when you’re no longer thinking about it, it all comes together. I have to act and know how to." Comparing notes and collaboration is always present; useful for confirming an idea and building on it. And the pleasure found in other synergy, a similar soul.

Graphic artist, maker, founder of the brand Boom Bag | Slimpack your bag and now chairman of Brick maker space, Alessandra lives in the clouds, suspended somewhere between inventing and working. She can’t stay put in just one spot. Now she no longer works in Milan. Her weeks are spent with Brick members at the Talent Garden in Sarzana, with Davide in his engraving and laser cutting laboratory Inlabo Design in Genova, with Carlo and Marco in Firenze, in the lab where the slimpacks are finished. 

Her backpack is her home: computer and graphic pen, diary, stamps, a few sheets full of untidy notes and adhesive tape needed to grab onto some new material.

Satelliti Galleggianti is a children’s kit made of small, polished sticks brought in by the sea, floating, coloured wood scraps. The inspiration came from her first wooden Meccano combined with the idea of recovery. The Ligurian origin gave the project a sea connotation. The different pieces are assembled using cords slotted through specific holes; to exercise the child’s manual skills and precision, getting them used to behaving based on a project and developing their imagination. 

Boom Bag is a line of leather (and cork) backpacks-bags with a functional, geometrical design, extracted from a single piece of material, embraced by two belts sewn along the sides. Sole mannerism: a removable inner pocket, to be used as a purse. Born on Alessandra’s shoulders a few years ago and handmade as unique items; becoming more and more popular. So much so that Alessandra is considering new production solutions that maintain the product’s uniqueness.


Q&A with Alessandro Botto (Boom Bag / Brick Maker space / Inlabo design)

Your town. And three words to describe it.
Now, La Spezia. Sea, do, fondness.

Three words to describe your projects.
Changeable, materic, clever.

A colour.

A taste.

Antique, modern or contemporary?
Searching for an interior time(s). Changeable.

The most precious item you own?
A shiny, black, 1978 Volkswagen Beetle with a white top.

Where is design going?
Beyond the product and industry. Self-production and craftsmanship 2.0.

Where are you going?
Balanced between what I would want to and what I can manage to do.

Three words to describe Italy.
Complicated, decadent, latent energy.

If not in Italy, where?
Cape Town (a missed opportunity).

Never without?

A motto.
You snooze you lose.