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Antonio Aricò - Instinctive solutions and elegant design

Antonio Aricò  
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  Reggio Calabria

Instinctive solutions and elegant design. Artisan, traditional, unique works

Very close to his family, bound to his roots and the culture of his territory, Antonio works alongside his grandfather, Saverio. Always on the lookout for opportunities, collaborations, challenges all over the world, Antonio works with a strong international drive. Simple and rigorous in his design approach. Spontaneous and enthusiastic in work relationships. Antonio offers simple, poetic, instinctive solutions, reinterpreting daily objects with special attention for formal details and material quality.


Q&A with Antonio Aricò

Your town. Three words to describe it.
Reggio Calabria: lovely chaos

Three words to describe your projects
Not fashionable.

A colour.

A taste.

Antique, modern or contemporary?

The most precious item you own?
A brush shaped like a Renaissance figurine.

Where is design going?
It's just starting to live its era.

Where are you going?
Homewards, always…

Three words to describe Italy.
Tangled, dense, one-in-a-million.

If not in Italy, where?
Calabria ;)

Never without?
The sea.

Un motto.
Virendu Facendu” translated “Seeing Doingo Facendo” (what my grandmother Vittoria says).