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Avansguardi - The hypnotic dimension of recursive animation

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The hypnotic dimension of recursive animation

Mutoscope II revisits the Edison kinetoscope, a historical device forerunner of the film projector. Far from that peep show voyeurism typical of pre-cinema machines, but still close to them for its intrinsic mechanical structure, the Mutoscope II wants to be a small meditation item. An abstract, metaphysical space exemplified in a hypnotic dimension. 
A place to get lost in and to contemplate. 
A primitive machine for its natural components yet elegant in shape.
 Halfway along the visual path between the famous Duchamp machine and the useless ones of Munari and Tinguely, passing through visual kinetic art experiences programmed up to the infinite loops of animated gifs.
 Today it can be called “ a home for gifs outside cyberspace’, a full part of visual research conversing with modern moving image trends  
This research was born of an independent project in Avansguardi; a creative Milanese agency / laboratory that has been studying, developing and inventing multimedia solutions for visual communications for some years now.


Q&A with Diego Randazzo

Your town. And three words to describe it.
Milan. Melancholic, liquid, small.

Three words to describe your projects.
Perception, movement, infinite.

A colour.
All the cold nuances.

A taste. 


Antique, modern or contemporary?
Contemporary looking at antique and modern.

The most precious item you own? 
A wooden animation table.

Where is design going? 
Towards visual art.

Where are you going? 
Towards synthesising a language.

Three words to describe Italy. 
Beauty, immutability, tradition.

If not in Italy, where? 

Never without? 
A hat.

A motto.
Slowly but steadily.