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BISTRUSSO - The luxury of being unique

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The luxury of being unique. Single pieces tell ancient stories with that contemporary touch

True luxury is being unique. Bistrusso overcomes the fashion concept, taking it further. Revisiting it carefully, starting from some basic concepts: exclusivity, quality, research, design and memory. The materials, weave, lines of each product shape a unique item, with the fragrance of ancient stories and traditions outlined slightly but absolutely modern; transposed through a knowledgeable natural material crafting process and thanks to the thorough research and creativity of the designer Giorgia Bistrusso.

Profile PH: Antonio Pintus
Products PH: Marcello jr Dino


Q&A with Bistrusso

Your town. And three words to describe it.
Cagliari. Spectacular, castled and unexpected.

Three words to describe your projects.
Time, identity and plots.

A colour.

A taste.

Antique, modern or contemporary?

The most precious item you own?
A gift from my grandmother. Splendid aquamarine earrings.

Where is design going?
There’s a return to the past in design, but still oriented towards a decidedly innovative approach.

Where are you going?
Mine is a non-stop journey. Through the origins of my island, pushed by the need to express the creativity and uniqueness of all aspects; always with absolute freedom and aimed at elegance.

Three words to describe Italy.
Art, creativity and decadence.

If not in Italy, where?

Never without?
My diary.

A motto.
There’s no elegance without elegance in your heart.