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In The Box - A box, a pair of socks

In The Box  
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A box, a pair of socks. The iconic strength of an idea

Innovative, contemporary, cosmopolitan socks, often contaminated by unusual style raids for the accessories world. The result of all the travels of Mario and Carla, founders of In The Box, to find fabrics that make a difference, for both pattern and composition.

The brand presents their world. Alongside a passion for travelling, it encloses a preference for vintage aesthetics, in both design and clothing, including it in several collection aspects.

A box, a pair of socks. In The Box is an idea to be worn on your feet, to be seen, touch choosing a “Sox In The Box” representing us; a creative, imaginative accessory. Careful selection of fabrics and Made in Italy crafts production guarantee maximum quality. With In The Box socks become a pop icon, style object, detail to be chosen shamelessly, to display with satisfaction.


Q&A with In The Box

Your town. And three words to describe it.
Mario: Milan. Stimulating, chaotic but always lovely!
Carla: Milan. Night owl, Grey, fashion.

Three words to describe your projects.
Mario: Passion, vision, courage.
Carla: Ambition, passion, determination .

A colour.
Mario: Blue.
Carla: Grey mélange.

A taste.
Mario: Ox-heart shaped tomatoes...
Carla: Curry.

Antique, modern or contemporary?
Mario: More than antique vintage contemporary.
Carla: Contemporary.

The most precious item you own?
Mario: An old photo of my mother.
Carla: My father’s watch

Where is design going?
Mario: beyond our imagination.
Carla: In all directions.

Where are you going?
Mario: Wherever my instinct takes me without fear of making a mistake.
Carla: Down a new road.

Three words to describe Italy.
Mario: Incorrigible, unique and all to be discovered.
Carla: Fascinating, tasty, suggestive.

If not in Italy, where?
Mario: I love New York!
Carla: Paris.

Never without?
Mario: My daughter, and socks naturally...
Carla: A designer bag.

A motto.
Mario: Everything's Gonna Be Alright!
Carla: Never by chance.