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KANZ Architetti - A design gamble.

KANZ Architetti  
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A design gamble. Searching for independence and freedom in any expressive territory.

Kanz is a design studio founded by the architects Mauro Cazzaro and Antonella Maione; based on the idea that the natural relations between architecture, interiors and product spark off creation of the project’s intrinsic inventiveness. Convinced that the designer’s job is the base from which to build any complex item, whether building or product, whether material or purely conceptual; handling subjects at very different scales with the same experimental approach and the same care for detail and the potential of processing techniques and materials. It’s in design products that this intention is really obvious; when bound tightly to crafts production from the design stage itself, but with an industrial dimension that does not exclude the production independence idea a priori. Above all, Kanz is the promise of working freely, with passion and having fun: basically a gamble.


Your town. And three words to describe it.
Venice, Incredible, Contradictory, Fragile.

Three words to describe your projects.
Irony, Pleasure, Usability.

A colour.

A taste.

Antique, modern or contemporary?

The most precious item you own?
Too many to be able to choose.

Where is design going?
We often ask ourselves that.

Where are you going?
Changing continuously.

Three words to describe Italy.
Unique, Multiple, Beautiful.

If not in Italy, where

Never without?
Irony and passion.

A motto.
The pleasure of possessing an object and the pleasure of using it.