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Mavì Taten - Harmony and Workmanship.

Mavì Taten  
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Harmony and Workmanship. Dressing a woman’s body elegantly.

Mavì Taten, a 100% Italian brand. The entire chain is controlled by the designer Maria Vittoria Formuso, from her search for fabrics (Italian, always textured and natural: wools, silks, linens, cottons), to making the garment:  project, drawing, pattern, then assigned to a tailoring laboratory from Puglia, like her. The brand was created in October 2012 and has produced 8 collections. All linked to a sensation, a moment, an emotion. Inspiration can come from anything harmonic: a sentence, architecture, a picture. Harmony then transferred to the collection by expert, loving hands. Though full of memories and meanings, Mavì Taten garments never lose sight of their main purpose: dressing a body. The minimalist elegance of each collection starts with wanting to give a woman’s body determination, centring on it and giving it great importance. Care over textured fabrics, combining weaves and different weights; and over the search for volumes and cuts, giving the brand another distinctive aspect: workmanship.


Your town. And three words to describe it.
I haven’t got just one town; I’ve lived in lots from south to north. Now I’ve been in Turin for two years and love it. My inner town is slow, contrasted, underground, a mix between the latter and Grottaglie where I grew up.

Three words to describe your projects.
My projects: space, movement, knowledge.

A colour.
Light’s ivory

A taste.
My mother’s tomato sauce.

Antique, modern or contemporary?
Antique and contemporary combined, I like contrasts.

The most precious item you own?
The engagement ring my grandfather gave my grandmother.

Where is design going?
It’s not easy to answer that question in just one way. Aestheticization is proliferating in all sectors and products; a great increase in the number of design schools, more professionals all over the world. Visual communication is very important, as much as materiality and use of the product itself. But at a smaller level, I say and, above all, hope people want to give value back to where things are made, workshops, ateliers, creative workshops; to that craftsmanship, technical skill and practices really needed for the next stage of planning aesthetic visions.

Where are you going?
Me, in agreement with that return to craftsmanship, as a side of contemporary planning skills, I am moving towards welcoming, vis à vis communication, doing in a space accessible to all, making the creative and creation processes approachable.

Three words to describe Italy.
Beautiful, potential, rude.

If not in Italy, where?
In Italy.

Never without?

A motto.
“Beauty will save the world”.