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òè studio - Simplify matter.

òè studio  
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  San Marino

Simplify matter. A meeting of wood and cement.

òè studio is a multi-disciplinary meeting place, where different souls and skills mix together in graphic, communication, product and set-up projects. We deal with design complexity through method, playing and having fun with experimenting, colours and materials. At end 2016, the Concrèti came to life; first self-production project, from the research into moulded casting and cement, a structural building material becoming a table product. Concrèti are kitchen recipients and can contain spices, salt and sugar. Design functionality found in the stackable containers and wooden caps, that can rotate to close the opening or allow the spoon to be left in it. The inside is enamelled with products certified for contact with food.


Q&A with Federico Magli, Federico Paternò, Francesco Codicè

Your town. And three words to describe it.
Federico M: Santarcangelo, provincial
Federico P: Rimini, bipolar
Francesco: San Marino, sweet & sour

Three words to describe your projects.
Functional, unexpected, narrative

A colour.
Federico M: red
Federico P: blue
Francesco: yellow

A taste.
Federico M: of pizza
Federico P: of biscuit
Francesco: spicy

Antique, modern or contemporary?
What we do is here and now. For us studying the past is important so that what we design can live in the future. Contextualising is the key.

The most precious item you own?
The round table in the centre of the studio

Where is design going?
In all directions; good and bad

Where are you going?
Where study is still needed

Three words to describe Italy.
Provincial, various (and possible)

If not in Italy, where?
Federico M: California
Federico P: Portugal
Francesco: Holland

Never without?
Pen, paper, computer

A motto.
Plates are broken by who washes them. Just do it!