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Serena Confalonieri - Powerful, Tribal Design

Serena Confalonieri  
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Powerful, Tribal Design. Graphics and fashion meet product

Serena Confalonieri (1980) is an independent designer and art director based in Milan. She works on product, graphic and textile design projects and collaborates with many Italian and international companies. Her works are somewhere between product and graphic design: an accurate research into surfaces is always present in her projects. After a Master’s in Interior Design, she started her career working in several architecture and design firms in Milan, Barcelona and Berlin, and collaborating with the Interior Design Faculty of Milan Polytechnic as assistant professor. In 2013 she made her debut at the Milano Design Week with her Flamingo rug, produced by Nodus. Over the years she’s been selected to design residencies and workshops in Italy and abroad (New York, Mexico, Portugal); her works have been published by important newspapers and magazines (The New York Times, Corriere della Sera, Il sole 24 ore, Wallpaper, Interni, Ottagono, L’Officiel, Elle Décor…) and she has won awards such as a Special Mention at the Young&Design Awards 2014 and at the German Design Awards 2016. The Masai collection - including mirrors and vases - perfectly expresses her unique stile and her vision.

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Q&A with Serena Confalonieri

Your town. And three words to describe it.
Milan  elegant / elusive / crafty

Three words to describe your projects.   
coloured / voluble / empathetic

A colour. 

A taste.  

Antique, modern or contemporary?  

The most precious item you own?  
my dog Fausto

Where is design going?  
towards craftsmanship, out of cities, in small villages

Where are you going?  
to have a coffee

Three words to describe Italy.   
female/  lazy / melancholic

If not in Italy, where?  
anywhere, but always new

Never without? 

A motto.  
This is an adventure!