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Simone De Stasio - Geometry as transparency.

Simone De Stasio  
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  Milan / Berlin

Geometry as transparency. When shape narrates function, the essence of an item.

Architecture inspires the RcK project. Exploring the formal essence of the most archetypical constructive geometries. The result is a collection that narrates, also by choosing rough, essential materials, the object’s essence and functioning. The architectural language characterized by basic geometric shapes and the total lack of ornaments and moldings. Geometry becomes a disciplinary medium, an indispensable instrument in processing shapes that are part of space. From this concept, the choice of precise formal elements. The square and its three-dimensional extension, the cube, more than any other create the idea of stability; the circle leads to continuity, movement, perfection; the equilateral triangle is linked to the idea of energy. The use of raw materials such as steel, electric wires and pipes let the object reveal itself in all its features without formal shapes. That is the RcK spirit; exposing the object in its constructive parts, showing its essence and functioning.


Q&A with SIMONE DE STASIO, RcK founder

Your town. And three words to describe it.
I live and work between Milan and Berlin, a city I love and where I studied. Three words to describe it? Stimulating, free, forerunner of its times.

Three words to describe your projects.
Essential, elegant, communicative.

A colour.
Black, synonym of elegance and perfection.

A taste.
As a food lover I like decisive tastes. However, my fast lifestyle means I eat in a disorderly way, and somewhat fast, often jumping from one taste to another.

Antique, modern or contemporary?
Modern but with full “awareness of the past”. The idea of architecture that refuses any relations with the past is illusory and, in my opinion, very naive.

The most precious item you own?
The most precious item I own is a cement ring with Swarovsky inserts. Not just for the originality and uniqueness of the object itself but because it represents a very significant experience for me, both professionally and humanly, in a canary architectural studio at the end of my university studies. There I learned how important the dialogue between architecture and design is.

Where is design going?
I believe design is changing radically at present from various points of view and that is why being a part of it is very stimulating for me. The new technological tools available to designers help creativity and the development of products inevitably increasing quality and interest.

Where are you going?
My creative and professional path is highly varied. Berlin and in Italy Milan have always been my points of reference. It is these two cities that inspire me, but travelling and opening towards new knowledge must be a fundamental aspect for today’s designer. I believe there are no distances and that is why I see my future as citizen of the world.

Three words to describe Italy.
Tradition, beauty, bureaucracy.

If not in Italy, where?
At present I believe Berlin is the most interesting and stimulating city to live in. Being able to express oneself freely comparing notes with youngsters from all over the world is one of the most exclusive qualities of this metropolis.

Never without?
Music. I couldn’t live without it. It’s a continual source of inspiration in my projects.

A motto.
Simple, rational architectural shapes, “logical deductions effect of objective needs".