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Simone Rainer - Golden proportions

Simone Rainer  
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Golden proportions. Searching for beauty between materialness and abstraction

The Simone Rainer collection is born of creative thought rich in sensations, references and memories linked to Stromboli and its triangular shape lying on the sea. The triangle-shaped clutch #1, enigmatic and ancestral in taste is the starting point for the entire collection, designed to be that special object enclosing the island’s essence. Simone Rainer draws strength from bringing two distant worlds together - that of Made in Italy leather goods, with their tradition and craft skills, and the abstraction of geometry. A leather goods collection developed through numerical reasoning, around a same proportion: the golden section. The result is concrete, beautifying development of mathematical proportions which, intrinsic to nature and rooted in Western aesthetics, are a synonym of beauty and perfection. The material search for leathers refers to scientific and chemical worlds; highlighting the materials themselves and justifying their existence in the brand. The obsession for shapes like triangle, pentagon and circle project Simone Rainer into an iconic, strongly design-oriented sphere.


Q&A with Simone Rainer

Your town. And three words to describe it.
Vipiteno, in the province of Bolzano: small jewel, tower, mountains.

Three words to describe your projects.
Shapes, touch, balance.

A colour.

A taste.
Bitter like coffee.

Antique, modern or contemporary?
Contemporary, the sum of the first two. So you don’t leave anything out.

The most precious item you own?
I think my head, in the meantime to own a large diamond.

Where is design going?
I believe it’s going towards exploring matter once again.

Where are you going?
I think in the right direction.

Three words to describe Italy.
Beautiful, lucky, slow.

If not in Italy, where?
That’s what I often ask myself, and still haven’t got an answer.

Never without?
A watch.

A motto.
It’s the journey that counts not the destination.