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Tiziano Guardini - Haute Couture thanks Mother Earth

Tiziano Guardini  
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Haute Couture thanks Mother Earth. At the roots of womanliness

The Tiziano woman is in perfect harmony with Mother Earth; the Earth that generated and dressed her, embellishing her with truly marvellous fabrics and accessories, kept in their original form, knowledgeably adapted to highlight womanly beauty and harmony. A wise, natural woman projected into the urban context, maintaining her genuine, disenchanted self. Sculpted Tiziano Guardini garments are made from pine needles, liquorice roots, highly experimental haute couture. His "Three Days to Butterfly" collection uses non violent, "ahimsa silk", a material that allows the silk worms to perform their evolution cycle, to be born from the abandoned silkworm collection. The ahimsa silk threads are reinterpreted with fur effect embroideries; re-twisted or left almost coarse in a harmonic game of shapes, consistencies, volumes enhancing beauty and womanliness. Precious craft work, excessive care over using sustainable, ethical materials and respect for Nature become a strong contemporary element with Tiziano Guardini. The result is sensational and surprising.


Q&A with Tiziano Guardini

Your town. And three words to describe it.
Rome. Museum, solar, familiar.

Three words to describe your projects.
Ethereal, visceral, "harmony”.

A colour.

A taste.
Slice of bread with cheery tomatoes open on it, oil, salt and basil.

Antique, modern or contemporary?
All three and I’d add futuristic.

The most precious item you own?
In sentimental not economic terms, a prism my mother gave me.

Where is design going?
Towards "enjoyable” harmony.

Where are you going?
To take a further step forwards to improve myself.

Three words to describe Italy.
Beautiful, complicated and precious.

If not in Italy, where?
The Mauritius comes to mind; I think only because I want a holiday and sun.

Never without?

A motto.
You’re a sun. Shine!